Reporting Bugs

Reporting Bugs: Your Guide to Improving DroneMaps :lady_beetle:


Welcome to the DroneMaps community! We appreciate your commitment to enhancing the DroneMaps experience. If you’ve encountered a bug, reporting it helps us understand and resolve issues more efficiently. This guide will walk you through the process of reporting bugs.

Before You Report

  1. Evaluate the Issue:

    • Ensure the behavior you’re experiencing is indeed a bug. Check if you’re using features as intended and if you’ve made any modifications.
  2. Search for Known Issues:

  3. Reproduce the Issue:

    • Replicate the bug to understand its scope better. Note the steps to reproduce it.
  4. Gather Information:

    • Collect essential details such as your DroneMaps version, operating system, and system specifications. Attach project logs if applicable.

How to Report

To report a bug, follow these steps:

  1. Title:

    • Give your report a concise but detailed title, summarizing the issue.
  2. Provide Details:

    • (1-2 Sentences) Describe the bug, its behavior, and any specific conditions or actions triggering it.
  3. Attachments:

    • Include relevant attachments like logs, screenshots or videos to provide context.
  4. DroneMaps Version:

    • What version of DroneMaps are you using (On-Demand/Individual/Business/Enterprise)?
  5. Steps to Reproduce:

    • Outline the steps to reproduce the bug. This will help our team understand and replicate the issue.
  6. Reply Below:

    • Reply to this topic with your bug report.

After You Report

  • Our team will investigate your report promptly.
  • You may not receive individual feedback but stay tuned for updates on the In Progress Bugs topic.

Thank you for being an active part of DroneMaps’ improvement! Your bug reports contribute to making DroneMaps even better for everyone.